Mirza Hamie - Bury Independents Redvales ward 2024

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Redvales ward candidate

Mirza Hamie

My name is Mirza Najmuddin Hamie. Being a prominent member and resident of  Bury, I am driven by a strong desire to serve my community to the best of my ability. My aim is to develop the community to provide a culture in which people from all backgrounds can live freely and engage in a prosperous yet caring environment.

I have professionally worked in the Public sector for over 18 years and have earned vast experience among society members relating Health and Social care issues. I am an Associate Hospital Manager for NHS Pennine Care Trust, evaluating cases under the Mental Health Act.

In addition to my core devotion towards Community Health, I also own a trading and distribution company which deals in packaging material, majorly supplying to commercial retail businesses, multi cuisine restaurants, which I have been running for the last 43 years.

I believe that as a member of the Bury Independents group my contribution will assist in numerous ways, based on my wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience of dealing with multi-cultural clientele.

* I cannot make the changes in our council alone. However if Redvales as a community is with me, we can  make the difference.

*I have worked for Bury Council for 19 Years in various departments and gained a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of how Council departments function.

* If elected as a councillor in Redvales ward I will be your voice to better our communities hopes and aspirations.

* I want our Bury Town to be greener, cleaner, safer and improving our carer services for all.

* If you elect me to become you Redvales ward Councillor, I will be in a position to make the difference to your quality of life.

* I have good ethics values, knowledge, and communication skills, also listening and responsive skills.

* ⁠I have ability to interpret information

* ⁠I am Trustworthy

* ⁠I am empathetic

* I have been a governor of Derby High School and Chair of Bury UNISON Local Government Branch.

* For me it will be a great honour and privilege to represent the Redvales ward and make the difference.

* If you choose me to represent you, I will work hard to represent you across the ward and make all our Bury Communities better and stronger.

* I will serve the people of Redvales ward with high standards and protect important services.

* Improving services for our Bury’s Older people.

* Making our roads safer and ensuring local businesses thrive in our community.

* As an Independent councillor I want to make decisions based on local residents, before politics.


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