Who are Bury Independents?

We are a group of Bury folk who are fed up of the tired old political leadership of Bury Council. Our aim is to represent the communities we live in.

We are your neighbours.
We stand up for you.

Putting the pride back in Bury.

Working together with partners to reduce criminal behaviour.

Fighting for our local schools to increase capacities and raise standards.

Bury Independents are completely against building on green belt.

Supporting building starter homes and affordable housing on brownfield sites.


Bury Independents was formed because we believe you, the people of Bury, should have the option to choose people from the community and who work on behalf of the community, to represent you, the people of Bury, in Bury Council.

Bury Independents working hard for you across all of Bury

"Bury Independents want to elect new councillors in May 2024 across Bury, Prestwich, Ramsbottom, Tottington, Whitefield & Unsworth."

Press Releases

We are actively committed to diversity. We expect, promote and encourage a wide range of views from our members and supporters. We hope this ensures Bury Independents remains an equitable, diverse and inclusive organisation.

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Bury Independents needs candidates

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