"Our manifesto was put together by listening to Bury residents voices and acting on your priorities"

Bury Independents Manifesto is our commitment to you, the ┬ápeople of Bury’s six towns, that we are listening to your concerns and your priorities are our priorities.

Our Manifesto is a work in progress and will change over time, This is because your priorities and needs change over time. We will update this page as often as possible, but please do get in touch by clicking here or on the contact us link above if you want us to take something up on your behalf.


Our aim is to put the pride back into Bury’s communities. We will focus on community engagement to ensure that Bury’s towns get a fair share of funding from Bury Council. We welcome the return of township spending decisions being given back to local residents.


We want to work with agencies and developers to prioritise building on brownfield sites, especially starter homes and affordable family homes. We will work to develop a good working relationship with local housing associations and landlords to ensure equitable housing standards and to address current problems which are leading to a shortage of affordable rental properties. We will campaign for a more diverse range of new social housing across Bury.


Bury Independents are against unfair taxing of local residents to use local roads and the regions motorways. We will be pushing for more consultation between bus operators and local bus users.


We will fight for our local schools; pursuing the Council, the Government and Star Academies to fulfil their commitment to building new high schools across the Bury borough and push hard for the delivery of excellent standards and learning in education. We will put pressure on the Council ensuring fair access for all Bury residents, catering for the needs of the town by increasing the intake capacities to meet these needs and request that pupils are not allocated schools miles from their homes.


We will continue to fight against building on any of our Green Belt. We want to protect our green spaces for the future of our children and protect the Elton Reservoir, the historic sites around it and the canal. We will continue to pressure the Council to look at ways to reduce traffic congestion and exhaust emissions by improving traffic flow and insisting on proper infrastructure before commencement of any proposed developments.

Crime & ASB

We want residents of all Bury’s townships to feel safe and have the confidence to report incidents to the police. By working closely with the police and other community groups, we want to ensure all residents feel safe on the streets including after dark. We will work with these groups to find ways to reduce criminal behaviour.

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