Our Team

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Party Leader & Spokesperson

Steve Middleton

I grew up in Unsworth & Whitefield and attended Castlebrook High School, Bury College then Manchester University. I have been a community campaigner since 2009 and am one of the co-founders of Bury Independents.

I’m a Project Manager in the civil service and prior to that I was a Border Force Officer for 10 years and IT engineer for over a decade before that. In my spare time I have use of a light aircraft, which allows me to fly around Bury and see our fabulous town from the air.

I want to see sensible and thoughtful investment in Unsworth and Whitefield in particular, and also want to protect our valuable green spaces for future generations.

Deputy Leader & Elections Officer

Judi Sheppard

I was born in Radcliffe, many years ago and from being a young child all I ever wanted to do was to make a difference and support the community in which I lived. At the age of 16 year I joined Greater Manchester Police and for the next 34 years I served to help protect, support and develop the community I call home.

Unfortunately, like most of you, I’ve witnessed the devastation that Bury council has allowed to happen to Radcliffe, so in March 2019 with two others I decided to stand up and make a nuisance of myself. I wanted to give something back to the community I love. This is the reason why I’ve also co-founded Bury Independents.

We all have one thing in common, we want to create more opportunities and investment in our community that will enrich the lives of our families, friends and neighbours and we will continue to seek fairness and redress for the town.

Jill Budgen

Party Secretary

Jill is one of the founding members of Bury Independents and is responsible for communicating with supporters, members and organising events.

Karen Pitt

Party Treasurer

I was born at Hope Hospital in Salford, too many years ago to mention and in 1976 my family moved to Radcliffe, I started my first “Proper Job” at Asda and fell in love with the town.

Radcliffe was an amazing place in the 70’s with a host of shops, places to visit and things to do, a fantastic community spirit was evident.

Fast forward to August 2023  and a small Group of “Bury Folk” attended a meeting hosted by Judi where I met Steve, Phil and Alan and I’m proud to say, that is the day I witnessed the birth of Bury Independents.

As the new treasurer for Bury Independents, I will be supportive and promote the group as much as I can. I want to achieve great things for our borough.

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