In May’s Local Election the electorate in 9 wards in Bury will FINALLY have a choice on the ballot paper to vote for truly independent candidates who are from their own community, who will work for the benefit of the community, and all without any interference or governance from any national political party. The electorate of Bury really do now have a choice.

The priority of every Bury Independents Party candidate is doing what is best for the residents, first and foremost, and that means a commitment from all 9 candidates to hold regular in-person Councillor Surgeries to not only listen to the concerns of the people they will be representing, but actually hear what the people are saying, and act upon their concerns.

The Bury Independents Party candidates come from all walks of life and have an understanding of the issues facing the residents. The candidates will hold the ruling party in council to account on any matters which negatively impact the residents, they will be representing.
It’s NOT the role of the Bury Independents Party Candidates to campaign on national political issues…they will campaign on local issues only!

Bury Independent 2024 local election candidates (from left to right): Martyn West (Besses), Fawad Sabir (Bury East), Alan Bayfield (Bury West), Michael Hankey (Elton), Aamer Yasin (Moorside), Mike Court (Pilkington Park), Mirza Hamie (Redvales), Angie Sutcliffe (Tottington) and Steve Middleton (Unsworth).

Bury Independents Party Candidates:

Besses: Martyn West –

“Thank you all for your support last year when I came second to the incumbent representative.”
Read more about Martyn: https://www.buryindependents.com/martynwest/

Bury East: Fawad Sabir –

“Your support means the world to me, and I’m committed to representing our community’s voices and values.”
Read more about Fawad: https://www.buryindependents.com/fawadsabir/

Bury West: Alan Bayfield –

“I’d be really pleased if I could count on your vote this year, so that Bury Independents have a chance to show you how a local-only party can make a difference for you.” Read more about Alan: https://www.buryindependents.com/alanbayfield/

Elton: Michael Hankey –

“I am standing as the Bury Independent candidate for Elton ward in the May elections because I feel that the needs of local people will be better served by a locally based group rather than by the main national political parties.”
Read more about Michael: https://www.buryindependents.com/michaelhankey/

Moorside: Aamer Yasin –

“There are no elections until 2026 after this one, so please consider lending me your vote on the 2nd May.”
Read more about Aamer: https://www.buryindependents.com/aameryasin/

Pilkington Park: Mike Court –

“I want to make sure that all monies spent within Pilkington Park are spent for what’s needed most and for the right reasons.”
Read more about Mike: https://www.buryindependents.com/mikecourt/

Redvales: Mirza Hamie –

“I have professionally worked in the Public sector for over 18 years and have earned vast experience among society members relating to Health and Social care issues.”
Read more about Mirza: https://www.buryindependents.com/mirzahamie/

Tottington: Angie Sutcliffe –

“I want to make a difference, I want to represent you, the people who matter.”

Read more about Angie:: https://www.buryindependents.com/angiesutcliffe/

Unsworth: Steve Middleton –

“I have been a community campaigner since 2009 and am one of the co-founders of Bury Independents.”
Read more about Steve: https://www.buryindependents.com/stevemiddleton/



Steve Middleton, Leader, 07870 444 235 / [email protected]
Philip Smith-Lawrence, Media and Communications: [email protected]

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