Martyn West - Bury Independents Besses ward 2024

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Besses ward candidate

Martyn West

I am Martyn West and I am your Bury Independent candidate for Besses ward in Bury Council’s local elections due to take place on Thursday 2nd May 2024.

Thank you all for your support last year when I came second to the incumbent representative. I hope you want change, and I am the person best placed to bring that about with Bury Independents.

We are a group of local people who have lost confidence in politicians especially those from national parties. We believe Bury residents deserve better with representatives who will put the residents first, not the policies of national political parties.

The local election on 2nd May is your chance to have your say. You decide who represents your interests and how your taxpayer money is spent in Bury. You are unlikely to have another chance until 2026.

6000 voters in Besses Ward do not vote. This means that 2000 voters who do, have a say. No Vote = No Say.

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