Michael Hankey - Bury Independents Elton ward 2024

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Elton ward candidate

Michael Hankey

I am your Bury Independent candidate for Elton ward in Bury Council’s local elections due to take place on Thursday 2nd May 2024.

I am standing as the Bury Independent candidate for Elton ward in the May elections because I feel that the needs of local people will be better served by a locally based group rather than by the main national political parties. Our aim is to get the best deal for the people of Elton and Bury generally and, above all, to listen to the real views of local people.

I am standing as a councillor for Elton ward because:

Bury has been failed by the two-party system with party issues often coming before local ones.

I believe in people before politics, listening first then acting.

Local people’s views should carry most weight in major decisions.

We need to take positive action on repairing our potholes and making our roads fit for purpose.

We need to stamp out fly tipping, a horrible blot on our landscape.

We need to look again at large building developments that have a huge impact on our environment.

We need to ensure that we have the infrastructure in place to support any future developments.

I won’t make any lavish promises as to what I can do if I get elected. The one promise I can make, and keep, is to do my absolute best for the people of Elton

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